When winter comes, it’s also time to think about people in particularly difficult circumstances, barefoot babies without adequate clothing, in the bitter cold of mountain weather. With the spirit of mutual love, good leaves protect torn leaves, and at the same time demonstrating the business’s responsibility to the community, the Human Resources Administration Department coordinated with the Trade Union and PHTD Youth Union to organize a charity trip “ Spring Love Giving Warm “ visited and gave gifts to children and people in extremely difficult circumstances in Qua Lung, Phin Sa, Ca Ha villages of Sinh Lung Commune, Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province.

With the support of the local government, early in the morning people gathered in large numbers at the Phin Sa village hall to wait for the delegation.

The gift giving activity took place in an atmosphere of joy and excitement. Smiles clearly appeared on the faces of the children whose mothers carried them on their backs, making the group forget their fatigue.

The delegation gave each family a set of Lotus blankets and an Itel backpack for the children. Although the gift was small, it contained great affection from the PHTD team. Contribute to helping children and people in difficult circumstances have more joy and warmth in life.

At the end of the trip, each member of the group was nostalgic and attached to the image of the people here, although small, in difficult circumstances and deprived, but with an honest and spontaneous personality, a smile always on their lips. They are always optimistic in any situation.

Hopefully, PHTD’s small actions will spread a great message. The spirit of community service will be promoted at any time and anywhere. PHTD will continue to maintain this activity as a company tradition, contributing to improving the quality of life for the community, especially those in difficult circumstances.


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