Petroleum High Technology Products Distribution Joint Stock Company (PHTD) is one of the leading companies in the field of ICT equipment distribution in Vietnam. PHTD company’s mission is to ensure the best quality of products and services for customers, while promoting sustainable development and bringing benefits to society.

To ensure its rules, PHTD company has been making efforts to offer the best products and services to customers. The company always searches and cooperates with reputable partners, selects quality products and offers the most competitive prices so that customers can use the products conveniently and economically.

In addition, PHTD company also focuses on improving the quality of customer service. The company has invested in a professional customer support system, helping customers easily find product information, answer questions and request technical support. Thanks to that, customers always have satisfaction and trust in the company’s products and services.

The core values of PHTD company not only ensure the best product quality and service for customers, but also aim for sustainable development and bring benefits to society. The company always supports charitable activities and social projects that are beneficial to the community, contributing to improving quality of life and socio-economic development.

With the continuous efforts of our staff and the support of our customers, PHTD will continue to grow and contribute to the development of the country. Promoting the inherent traditions of companies under the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group.