Employee conference of Petroleum High Technology Products Distribution Joint Stock Company in 2022

On December 27.2022, Petroleum High Technology Products Distribution Joint Stock Company organized a conference for workers at all levels. The conference aims to summarize the business situation in 2022 and propose a business plan for 2023.

The conference was attended by Leaders of PETROSETCO Corporation and all employees of PHTD Company. At the Conference, Mr. Bui Dinh Hung, Sales Director presented an overview of the business situation, achieved and unachieved achievements in 2022. Factors affecting the distribution of goods. Covid 19 and the Russia-Ukraine crisis are currently causing supply chain disruption not only in Vietnam but also worldwide.

Besides, there are still notable bright spots for the Company in the past year, PHTD has exceeded the sales target set for the Corporation. The number of employees is increasing, the next young generation has been given priority in selection and training by the Board of Directors.

After positive business numbers, it also means that the lives of employees are getting better and the average income tends to increase. Employees are dedicated to contributing to the Company, the resignation rate has decreased compared to 2021.

The Congress noted the signing of the “Collective Labor Agreement” between the Board of Directors and the President of the Union. From now on, workers can speak up through the Union.

On behalf of PETROSETCO Corporation, Director Mr. Vu Tien Duong evaluated the PHTD situation in 2022 and gave instructions and orientation for 2023.

Representing PHTD, Director Mr. Ho Hoang Nguyen Vu thanked the Corporation’s leaders for their guidance and presented the Company’s business targets for 2023.

The conference was a great success, 2023 promises to be a breakthrough year in terms of Business and people. All employees will work together to overcome difficulties and market fluctuations, contributing to achieving the goals set for the Corporation.


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