❤️Warm “Tet” for Children❤️

✅On January 12, 2024. Petroleum High Technology Products Distribution Joint Stock Company – PHTD cooperated with the Union to organize the charity program “Warm Tet for Children” for students at the following schools:
– Hua Sat Kindergarten
– Huoi Nom Kindergarten
– Huoi Blood Kindergarten
– Khong Hin Primary School
+ Phieng Hin school site
+ Hua Sat school site
+ Huoi Nom school site
Located in Muong Khong commune, Tuan Giao district, Dien Bien province 💯💯💯
✅The delegation gave 900 gifts to the children on this trip. Although the gifts are small, they hope to bring joy and excitement to the children in the first days of the new year 2024.
✅Thank you to the children who always shared smiles with the PHTD team during their time here. Thank you Muong Khong commune government for creating favorable conditions for the group on this trip and the teachers at the schools for always helping us deliver gifts to the students. 🫶🫶🫶

✅PHTD always strives to contribute part of its strength to contribute to the development of society, spreading love to everyone. Hopefully this trip will help the children have more “Warmth” to “Strongly go to school” 💞💞💞

#ThienNguyen #WARM_”TET”_FOR_CHILDREN 💌💌
#TuanGiao #DienBien 🎉🎉
#shareLove 💙❤️

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